Checklist for Players at Lisheen: Phase 3

Checklist Phase 3
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Group sizes: 4 balls at 10-minute intervals

Booking: Booking in advance, online or by telephone

Type of play: Closed Club Competitions or casual golf

Members-only for now

1. Preparation

Physical distancing is to be observed throughout your visit to the golf course. Change into your golf shoes at your car. Waste is to be taken home for disposal.

2. Pro Shop & First Tee

It is mandatory to check-in at the pro shop to facilitate contact tracing. Approach all teeing grounds only when they are clear of the group in front. Tee-off the first precisely at your start time only. Please refer to Rule 5.3a for penalties in relation to breach of this rule.

3. The General Area

Maintain an appropriate distance from the group in front throughout. Do not pick up balls which do not belong to you. Play the ball as it lies and the hole as you find it.

4. Bunkers

There will be no rakes on the course. You are allowed to place the ball within 6 inches, not nearer the hole. You may not smooth the sand before play. After use, smooth out the bunker as best you can.

5. Putting Green

Repair your pitch marks. Use the mechanism located on the bottom of each flagstick for retrieving your ball from the hole. You are not allowed to touch the flagstick. Retrieve your own ball only. You must hole out.

6. Penalty Areas & Out of Bounds

Do not call-through the group behind or go back to replay a shot. Play a provisional ball if there is a doubt as to whether your ball is lost. Red & yellow stakes are to be regarded as Immovable Obstructions and relief taken (Rule 16.1a).

7. After play & score entry

See separate mail regarding score entry. Please exit the facility without undue delay.

Our main aim continues to be to provide an environment which is as safe as possible both for players and those entrusted with the task of closing competitions. It is in all our interests that we follow these directions to the letter. Thank you for your continued co-operation and understanding.

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